Community Engagement Questionnaire

The City of San José is preparing for the next phase of community engagement for the Diridon Station Area (Fall 2019 through 2020). The purpose is to share information and gather input on the following projects:

  • Google Mixed-use Development (including planning entitlements and a Development Agreement with a Community Benefits Plan)

  • Amendments to the Diridon Station Area Plan (2014)

  • District-wide studies on Affordable Housing, Parking, and Infrastructure Financing

  • Diridon Integrated Station Concept Plan

 We would like to get your input on public involvement opportunities, and will use this input to help inform the community engagement strategy.

Which of the following activities are you most likely participate in?
Please check your top 3 preferences.
What time would you prefer for a community meeting?
Please check all that apply.
How would you prefer to receive information about the Diridon Station Area projects, including opportunities to get involved?
Check all that apply.
Which topics are you most interested in?
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Optional Demographic Information
We are collecting this information to help develop a community engagement strategy that involves all segments of the San José population.