This page summarizes previous planning efforts affecting the Diridon Station Area and the community engagement process that the City of San José conducted in 2018 on a potential Google development. Click here for the Diridon Station Area Civic Engagement Report (2018).

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+ What is the Diridon Station Area Plan?

The City of San José adopted the Diridon Station Area Plan (DSAP) in 2014 after five years of engagement involving the Diridon Good Neighbor Committee. The DSAP is intended to guide development in support of the major transportation improvements planned for Diridon Station, including electrification of Caltrain service and the extension of BART and high-speed rail service. The DSAP envisions a high-density, mixed-use, vibrant, transit-supportive neighborhood that expands Downtown.

+ What happened with Google?

Since the adoption of the DSAP, Google expressed an interest in building a master-planned, mixed-use development in the Diridon Station Area. In June of 2017, the City and Google entered into an Exclusive Negotiation Agreement for the sale of about 20 acres of City-owned lands to Google, including about six acres formerly owned by the Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency (SARA), the four-acre Fire Training site, and 10-acre “ABC” parking lot next to the SAP Center. In December 2018, City Council approved the sale of the SARA and Fire Training sites, as well as an option/Negotiating Rights Agreement for Google to buy the ABC lot, conditioned on an acceptable parking arrangement with the Sharks. In addition to the Purchase and Sale Agreements, City Council approved a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Google. The MOU sets forth the guiding principles to collaborate on a future master-planned, mixed-use development in the Diridon Station Area and to negotiate a Development Agreement, which will include a Community Benefits Plan.

+ What civic engagement activities happened in 2018?

The civic engagement process leading up to the City Council’s decision included a variety of methods to share information and gather input on the community’s hopes, issues, and ideas. At the core of the process was the Station Area Advisory Group (SAAG), which includes 38 community members appointed by the City Council. In addition to SAAG meetings, the City also hosted Community Forums, walking tours, pop-ups at neighborhood events, presentations to stakeholder groups, and an Online Feedback Form. This report summarizes this process: Diridon Station Area Civic Engagement Report (2018).

+ How will community input be used?

The community dialogue that occurred in 2018 helped inform the City’s negotiations with Google, refine the vision for the station area, and shape Google’s initial design thinking. The input will continue to inform a variety of decisions related to the Diridon Station Area, including but not limited to any future agreements with Google, future updates to the Diridon Station Area Plan, the Diridon Integrated Station Concept Plan, and even citywide efforts related to affordable housing, anti-displacement, sustainability, and other topics.

+ How can I learn more?

The Diridon Station Area Civic Engagement Report (2018) documents and summarizes the input gathered through the engagement process. Below is detailed information about each of the events and applicable documents. Click here to learn about the next steps related to the Diridon Station Area Plan and Google development, and here to contact us with any questions or sign up for email udpates.

Past Engagement Activities

  1. Station Area Advisory Group (SAAG)
  2. SAAG Solution Groups
  3. Community Forums (June 2018)
  4. Community Meetings (September 2018)
  5. Online Feedback Form Results