Diridon Integrated Station Concept Plan

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+ What is the Diridon Integrated Station Concept Plan (Concept Plan)?

Electrified Caltrain, BART, and High-Speed Rail service will add to the trains, buses, and light rail that currently serve San José Diridon Station. The City of San José has also adopted plans for substantial transit-oriented development near the station, which would bring thousands of new jobs and residents to the area. With these changes, Diridon Station is poised to become one of the busiest intermodal stations on the West Coast. The California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA), Caltrain, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA), and the City of San José (Partner Agencies) are working together on a plan to expand and redesign Diridon Station. The goal is to develop a world-class center of transit and public life that provides smooth connections between modes and integration with the surrounding neighborhoods.

+ Upcoming Events and Other News

The Partner Agencies recently offered multiple opportunities to learn about the Concept Plan and provide feedback on three possible layouts for the future station. The community input is helping to inform the Draft Vision, which will include a single layout for advancing into Phase 2 of the Concept Plan process.

  • There are no public outreach events scheduled at this time.
  • Comment letters can be sent to lori.severino@sanjoseca.gov.

+ How can I get involved?

The Partner Agencies have prepared an Outreach Strategy to:

  • Inform and educate the public about the project and decision-making process
  • Encourage active public participation by a broad range of the community
  • Gather feedback for the Partner Agencies to consider during preparation of the Concept Plan
  • Foster a sense of pride and collective ownership in the ultimate vision for the station established by the Concept Plan

See Upcoming Events and Other News above for information on public meetings that have been scheduled. Sign up here to receive email updates. You may also email your comments or questions to lori.severino@sanjoseca.gov.

+ What public engagement activities have been completed so far?

As part of the first round of outreach on the Concept Plan, the Partner Agencies:

  • Presented to the City’s Diridon Station Area Advisory Group (SAAG) on Oct. 18, 2018
  • Held a Community Kick-off Meeting on Dec. 10, 2018
  • Supported SJSU Master’s of Urban Planning capstone class project on Diridon Station, which included focus groups of community leaders and an interactive event on Dec. 1, 2018

As part of the second round of outreach on the Concept Plan, the Partner Agencies:

These events were intended to provide updated information on the Concept Plan, increase awareness of the planning process and project scope, and get feedback from community members for the Partner Agencies to consider as they prepare the Concept Plan. The first round of outreach asked for feedback on the initial high-level vision and key objectives for the future station, while the second round asked for feedback on preliminary concepts and a potential evaluation framework for narrowing down the concepts to a single preferred layout. Refer to the "How can I learn more?" section below for the handouts and informational boards provided at the Community Meetings.

The third round of public outreach on the Concept Plan focuses on three possible layouts for the future station and will run through June 2019. This round has included the following:

  • An update to the Diridon Station Joint Policy Advisory Board (JPAB) on Friday, May 17.
  • An update to the City’s Station Area Advisory Group (SAAG) on Wednesday, May 22. Visit the SAAG page to see the presentation, video of the meeting, and handouts.
  • The Partner Agencies hosted Community Meeting #3 on Monday, June 10 at the Gardner Community Center and in Spanish on Wednesday, June 26 at the Roosevelt Community Center. Click here for the slideshow presentation. A meeting summary will be posted shortly.
  • Project staff held pop-ups (informational tables) outside Diridon Station on Thursday, June 6 and Thursday, June 13 in the evening commute hours.

The Partner Agencies provided brief updates on the Concept Plan at the following meetings:

This Memo was provided to each of the four Partner Agency boards (including the San Jose City Council). It summarizes progress completed to date on the Concept Plan and describes three possible layouts for the future station. The Memo is also available to download in Spanish HERE, and in Vietnamese HERE.

See Upcoming Events and Other News above for information on public meetings that have been scheduled for this round.

+ What will the Concept Plan include?

The Concept Plan will include two components: 1) a spatial configuration that shows how the various track and station elements will fit together and relate to the surrounding neighborhood 2) a governing structure to effectively deliver the shared vision for the station and operate it over the long-term. The Concept Plan will primarily address the station and its interface with the urban fabric. The major elements include the:

  • tracks and platform configuration;
  • station location and layout;
  • access to the station by various transportation options (such as walking and bus);
  • integration with the surrounding area; and
  • passenger flows to, from, and through the station.

The Concept Plan will focus on the functionality of the station, rather than its architectural appearance. Later phases of work will include detailed design and engineering, as well as environmental review. The Concept Plan is not planning for the specific land uses or buildings in the area; however, the City of San José will conduct separate engagement activities related to future development.

Concept Plan

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